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Automation for
Irrigation Reels & Pumps

Don’t reinvent the reel —
upgrade it.

FarmHQ is a small cellular device and mobile app that instantly adds remote monitoring and automatic pump shutdown to any irrigation reel or water pump. With one easy upgrade, FarmHQ provides huge savings to your operation and cuts down on stress for you and your crew.

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Real-time updates.
Automatic pump shutdown.
Big savings

Get updates on your equipment in real time, so you know when a run is complete — and when it’s not. If your reel stops moving for any reason, FarmHQ will automatically shut down your pump and notify you immediately, preventing crop damage and saving money.

FarmHQ works around the clock
so you don’t have to.

FarmHQ lets you check on your reels no matter where you are, so you can stop worrying about what’s going on with your irrigation equipment and wasting time on unnecessary trips to the field. If your reel stops moving for any reason, FarmHQ will automatically shut down your pump and notify you immediately. Rest easy and take care of the problem when it’s convenient for you.

A practical solution for your reels and pumps.
Install it yourself in less than an hour.

FarmHQ instantly automates any reel or pump with just a simple hardware kit and your smartphone or computer. It’s compatible with all irrigation reels and pumps, instantly updating existing equipment with brand new features.

Built by farmers,
for farmers.

We created FarmHQ on our family’s potato farm because of the frustrations of not knowing what was happening with our reels. It’s still being used there, on our neighbors’ farms, and now on farms across North America.

Ready to upgrade your reels and pumps?

Contact us now to get started with retrofitting your irrigation equipment
for big savings and less stress.

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