Irrigation Pump Monitoring & Control

Turn Any Pump Into a Smart Pump

FarmHQ adds remote monitoring and control to any electric or combustion-powered irrigation pump.

FarmHQ Device Installed on an Irrigation Pump

Fast, Universal Hardware Upgrade

A small cellular device and sensor kit that can be installed on any pump.

FarmHQ remote irrigation pump controls

Modern Web and Smartphone App

The FarmHQ app is accessible from any smartphone or computer, so you can monitor and control your pumps from anywhere in the world.

All of the Control You Need. No Unnecessary Complexity.

FarmHQ gives you new ways to control your pumps:

  • From your phone, tablet, or computer
  • In response to signals from other FarmHQ devices (custom automations)
  • Based on a timer or schedule set in the FarmHQ app


For electric, submersible pumps that do not need to be primed, FarmHQ’s dry contact can act as an enable or start/stop circuit, allowing remote start and stop functionality.

For combustion-powered pumps and electric pumps that need to be primed, FarmHQ acts as an interrupt to provide remote stop/shutdown.

Pump Remote Controls

Real-time Remote Monitoring and Alerts in the Palm of your Hand.

With FarmHQ your can monitor and record a variety of signals for your pumps:

  • Pressure (pressure transducer provided with installation kit)
  • Flow-rate – integrate with any pulse-output flow meter
  • Switch monitoring – compatible with any external dry contact
  • GPS location
  • Set thresholds for any sensor to get real-time text alerts to your and your team’s phones
FarmHQ flow rate and pressure monitoring on mobile app

Simple and Convenient Installation.

Each FarmHQ Installation kit comes with all the parts and materials needed to install FarmHQ on any pump. In most cases, FarmHQ can be installed in less than an hour in the field. Our detailed in-app instruction manuals and guided videos make installation and setup a breeze.

  • FarmHQ controls with your pump via a single internal NO/NC dry contact, rated for up to 5A @250VAC
  • External cellular and optional external GPS antennas allow for installation inside protected enclosures and buildings with no impact to connectivity

Get FarmHQ For Your Pump