Irrigation Reel Monitoring with FarmHQ

Smart Irrigation Isn't Just for Pivots

FarmHQ turns your hose reel or traveler into a cutting-edge smart irrigation system.

Fast, Universal Hardware Upgrade

A small cellular device and sensor kit that can be installed on any traveling irrigator.

Screenshot of the FarmHQ mobile app

Modern Web and Smartphone App

The FarmHQ app is accessible from any smartphone or computer, so you can keep tabs on your reel from anywhere in the world.

Game-Changing Features

Real-Time Status Monitoring for Any Traveling Irrigation System

FarmHQ constantly monitors all vital information directly to your smartphone or computer, including:

  • Reel and sprinkler cart location

  • Cart distance, speed, and progress

  • Run completion time estimate

  • Estimated flow rate and application rate

FarmHQ irrigation reel status monitoring screenshot

Equipment Failure Detection, Automatic Pump Shutdown, and More

  • Automatically shut down any FarmHQ-equipped pump when the traveler stops moving or pressure goes outside of normal range
  • Remotely shut down your reel at any time from the FarmHQ app
  • Create custom automations based on sensor inputs to perform actions on other FarmHQ equipment

Detailed Record Keeping

  • Estimated water application totals for all of your fields
  • Total water usage estimate
  • Equipment runtime totals

Easy Installation

Each FarmHQ Installation kit comes with all the parts and materials needed to install FarmHQ on any traveling irrigator. In most cases, FarmHQ can be installed in less than an hour in the field. Our detailed in-app instruction manuals and guided videos make installation and setup a breeze.