Our Story

Our mission is to help farmers like us simplify
their day-to-day work with affordable technology.

It all started on our
family farm.

CODA Farm Technologies and the FarmHQ platform were born when our dad decided he had had enough of seeing our potato crops damaged by repeated timing errors, equipment failures, and miscommunication with his irrigation teams.

Frustrated with the lack of options on the market for monitoring and controlling farm equipment like irrigation systems, dad asked us if we could come up with a solution.

Over the next few months, we assembled ten working prototypes and coded the basic cloud infrastructure for the first version of FarmHQ. We installed the FarmHQ prototypes on four of our farm’s irrigation reels, three mobile, Diesel-powered water pumps, and three stationary, electric water pumps. Two different irrigation teams tested FarmHQ under a variety of different conditions throughout the growing season, providing a constant stream of feedback that we used to improve the devices and the code on an almost daily basis.

By the end of the season, everyone involved agreed: we needed FarmHQ on all of our irrigation equipment for the next season, and we were pretty sure that other farmers needed it as well.

FarmHQ retrofitted
CODA Farm Tech staff
First run of FarmHQ devices laid out on floor

Today, we’re a growing agricultural technology company helping farmers streamline their operations.

Farmers growing a range of annual crops are using our FarmHQ cellular device and a mobile-friendly online platform to remotely monitor and control their mobile irrigation systems in real time.

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Computer work in the field
CODA in action

Meet our team.

David Wallace

David Wallace

Chief Executive Officer

David received his Ph.D. in Solid State Chemistry from Johns Hopkins University in 2015. He spent four years working as a Sr. Data Scientist at Amazon.com before leaving to join Wallace Farms and start CODA in 2019.

Connor Wallace

Connor Wallace

Chief Technical Officer

Connor graduated from Reed College with a degree in Physics in 2013. He has worked as a Full-Stack Software Engineer for multiple tech companies in Portland and San Francisco. Recently, Connor hiked more than 2,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail!

Dan Oschrin

Dan Oschrin

Lead Software Engineer

Dan discovered his passion for programming while working as a math teacher and spent several years as a hobbyist programmer before beginning his formal studies in Computer Science at South Seattle College. Dan joined the  team as our lead front-end developer in 2020.

Gabe Martin

Gabe Martin

Lead Hardware Engineer

Gabe received his M.S. in Robotics from the Colorado School of Mines in 2018. He spent two years working in industrial automation as a controls engineer in Denver. Recently, he was part of a team responsible for modernizing the control architecture at a FedEx sort facility.
Breanna Brochhagen

Breanna Brochhagen

Director of Operations and People

Breanna graduated from Colgate University with a Sociology and Anthropology degree. She worked in both the social work field and at a staffing agency before spending 5.5 years at Amazon, most recently as a Sr. Program Manager. She joined CODA in early 2022.

Designed, Built, and Tested
by Farmers in
Skagit Valley, Washington, U.S.A.

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